Tuesday, March 8, 2011

iPhone 5 Aluminium?

 Time to move on from iPad 2 rumors to iPhone 5. If a Chinese source is to be trusted, Apple may be getting ready to abandon the glass backing of the iPhone 4 for an aluminium casing instead. This would bring the design full circle, back to where Apple began with the original iPhone. But is this source to be believed? Will Apple abandon a complete redesign so quickly? .

I tend to think not. Sure, Apple has had quite the time trying to defend iPhone 4 and its supposed problems such as the death grip and gorilla glass scratching issues. The death grip problem turned out to be present on basically every cell phone ever made, and the scratching issue? Come on, if you want your stuff to stay nice, you have to play nice. But for the sake of debate, lets look at both sides of this rumor.

If we assume it to be true, then this would make the iPhone 5 look stunningly like an iPod touch, and thus similar to iPad 2. Apple also loves metal, so the design would fit in with the pattern of things.

Via [MacRumors]

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duffboi said...

i would like one either way. most everything i see from apple 'looks nice'.

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