Friday, March 4, 2011

New iPad 2 Smart Covers inspired by Japanese bath tub lids?

Many people following the iPad 2 announcement knows about the new Smart Covers for the iPad 2. These flap-like covers attach to the iPad using a magnet and have an accordion-style look. The covers, divertingly enough, also resemble a type of Japanese bath tub lids! .

The similarity is so unearthly that the introduction of these new cases caused a fuss of bath tub lid comments among Japanese Apple fans (our Rick Martin points to Asiajin's note that the caption above translates as 'Completely Identical,' a common Japanese web meme similar to the English 'Separated at Birth'). Causes you to wonder how many unsuspecting Westerners will be whatever target of quiet snickering when they whip out their Smart Cover-adorned iPad 2 when they are in Tokyo.

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russkofkof441 said...

cool post man

duffboi said...

didn't know that. cool

Westus said...

That's really funny! I wonder if apple was somehow inspired by these or if it is just coincidence

La musiqua del diablo said...

sorry to tell you that but this new is out of date !

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