Sunday, March 6, 2011

So you just bought your first Mac, what should you know?

So, you finally took the plunge and bought your first Mac. You took out of the box, turned it on and didn’t have to spend 2 hours removing all the free trial garbage that comes with Windows. No free trial to AOL or Norton AntiVirus.
Yoy'll love how well the iSight camera integrates with iMovie and PhotoBooth...

Here are some tips, apps or anything that makes OSX better:

  • Set up the expose and hot corners to suit your duties. They're awesome. Don't put more on your dashboard than you will use regularly.
  • Look in the System Preferences for Spotlight, disable all the stuff you don't want (fonts, etc,) learn to use Spotlight.
  • Install Growl and its extras to get customisable notification of all manner of system and application events.

  • VLC is a must-have app if you watch a lot of downloaded video files.

  • Learn to use Applescript and Automator to automate your common workflows.

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russkofkof441 said...

thx for info but will never buy a mac anyway : its too high price for what it is.

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